Savonnerie le Serail

The “Le Serail” soap factory is the last artisanal and traditional soap factory in Marseille In the 1900s, Marseille, a large city in Provence, saw its soap factories - around 100 at the time - close one after the other due to the massive arrival of detergents. A man, returning from deportation to Germany, Vincent BOETTO, made the bet of creating the Savonnerie le Sérail in 1949, in order to perpetuate the know-how and tradition of genuine Marseille soap. He then took over a farm located in the interior of the city, and installed the equipment needed to make the traditional Marseille soap cube, including the cauldrons in which the soap paste is made. Today, it is his son, Daniel, proud of this heritage, who took over the reins of the soap factory in 2009 and who continues the know-how left by his father. Thus, all the material has been preserved as well as all the steps necessary for the manufacture of traditional Marseille soap, which has also enabled it to obtain the “Living Heritage Company” label. awarded by the CCI de Marseille.